Akarkara Roots

Being a supplier of herbal ayurvedic products, we are offering an effective range of Akarkara Roots. The scientific name of offered plant part is Anacyclus Pyrethrum, which belongs to Plantae kingdom. Pellitory roots is a perennial type of plant, which is used from ancient times for the treatment of several men's problems and other health issues, like pyorrhea, common cold and toothache. Roots are the main part of the of this tree, as it has all essential and effective medicinal values. Akarkara Roots are known for libido stimulant and aphrodisiac properties, which helps in improving physical strength. It is an effective solution for treating several weaknesses in men, like impotence and premature ejaculation. Consumption of this Pellitory roots motivates the physical urge and improves the performance during physical intercourse. Anacyclus Pyrethrum is sufficient to treat multiple men's issues, in different packaging types offered ayurvedic solution can be obtained.

Properties of Akarkara Roots

  • It has aphrodisiac properties

  • It is effective for the treatment of toothache

  • It is known for its digestive stimulant properties

  • It is a muscle relaxant