''Kesar / Saffron'' has been the part of Indian tradition since forever, along with being appreciated for its high medicinal values, it is also known for adding flavor and color to several food items. This plant product is widely known as Autumn Crocus, which is its biological name. Dried stigma of a flower, which seems, like thread like structure, which is utilized as saffron spices. Addition of a pinch of this colorful spice will bring an attractive color and delicious flavor to dishes, like kheer, sweets etc. To get the complete benefit of Saffron / Kesar, it is mixed well in the milk and then consumed. Consumption of saffron helps in dealing with several health issues. It comforts the discomforting menstruation cycle along with treating PMS.

Consuming saffron helps in dealing with erectile dysfunction in men. In the formation of fairness creams and moisturizers, offered dried stigma spice is used.

Benefits of Kesar/Saffron

  • It is used to treat number of health issues

  • It brings alluring color and adds delicious flavor to food items

  • Consumption of Kesar releases mental stress

  • It is used in the formation of cosmetics