Napali Shatwari Root

Nepali Shatawari Root is essential for the treatment of multiple diseases and issues.

In different quantities, this herbal plant part which is enriched with effective medicinal values can be availed. This root product can be consumed into different forms varying from powder to liquid. Consumption of Nepali Shatawari Root can treat multiple women problems associated with reproductive health, menstruation etc. It boosts the secretion of milk in mothers, while breast feeding. In fine and hygienic packaging this medicinal plant part can be availed by our clients at cost effective rates. Along with curing physical issues, this effective plant part is also beneficial for treating mental issues.

Use of Napali Shatwari Root

  • It treats diarrhea

  • It improves gastric ulcers

  • It helps in improving reproductive health

  • It also treats menopausal problems