Pure Saffron

Every one claims to offer pristine saffron, but it is rare to find. Al Fiza Herbal is engaged in the production and delivery of the Pure Saffron on a wide scale. Offered plant product is free from all kinds of contaminants and mixtures which ensures its purity. In different quantities this optimum grade of unmixed saffron can be availed in air tight and moisture free packaging, which ensures its purity and quality. At competitive prices offered Pure Saffron is accessible to everyone. In the preparation of different kinds of sweets and sweet dishes, keasr is used as one of the important ingredients. Autumn Crocus is the another name of offered plant product, along with adding flavor and taste to the food stuffs, it is also known for having enriching medicinal values, which is used for the treatment of numerous health issues, including physical health problems to mental stress.

Benefits of Pure Kesar / Pure Saffron

  • It releases mental stress

  • It used as an important ingredient in the formation of beauty and cosmetics

  • It is effective for treating issues,It is proven effective for comforting mensuration discomfort