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Al-Fiza Herbal - a leading Akarkara Producer in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh has been offering different parts of Akarkara, including its seeds, roots, and the whole plant itself. These are safe and known for their health benefits and wide medicinal usage, like, to treat toothache, chronic catarrh and to aid nervous system. Other than that it has many benefits and, we, being one of the best Akarkara Manufacturers, bring its purity to your doorway.

Being an active supplier of effective range of ayurvedic and herbal medicines, we are also offering an efficacious grade of Akarka Mool, which is just a click away from our prime customers. As this product is a part of medicinal plant, which makes it a member of Plantae kingdom. It belong to the class and family of Magnoliopsida and Asteraceae respectively. Usage of offered Akarkara Mool is widely appreciated for its energy boosting nature, which can treat extreme men's problems, like impotence and erectile dysfunction. Along with this, this effective solution has been used as remedy to improve nervous system, since ancient time.

Taxonomy of Akarkara Mool

  • It belong to the Plantae Kingdom

  • It is a Perennial type of plant

  • It's Genus is Anacyclus L.

  • Class of Akarkara Mool is Magnoliopsida

Akarkara Seeds

Each and every part of an Anacyclus Pyrethrum is equally beneficial when it comes to treating several health issues naturally. Along with offering enriched and beneficial roots of this plant, we are also providing Akarkara Seeds for our customers. Offered plant seeds are organic in nature and are used to grow well flourished plants. These get easily covered by a thin layer of soil and have the potential to grow into an effective herb in two weeks.

Offered Akarkara seeds are of white color, which can be availed in well packed airtight and moisture free boxes in different quantities. The scientific name of this herb plant is Anacyclus Pyrethrum, at highly compatible rates, this collection of offered quality grade of herbal seeds can be availed at highly compatible rates.

Features of Akarkara Seeds

  • These seeds are suitable for outdoor use
  • These are white in color
  • These can be availed in airtight packaging
  • These seeds will give rise to optimum herbs.
Why Should You Buy Akarkara From Us?
  • We promise you their purity and quality.
  • We use organic methods of farming and harvesting.
  • We store them safely and pack them hygienically.
  • We keep them away from any external environmental damage.
  • We offer bulk quantity to several Ayurvedic Medicine production industries.
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